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Welcome to Carpet Obsession.Com, where you’ll find buyer’s guides and reviews of the top cleaning appliances on the market. Our team puts best-selling cleaning appliances to the test to determine which models can offer the type of cleaning power all buyers are looking for.

Our site also features educational articles that offer some great cleaning tips, hacks and advice, so you can keep your home looking great, even if you have a chaotic household and not much time to clean daily.

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Who We Are

We have over 25 years of experience in the cleaning industry. Candice Reid, our editor and top contributor, is a homemaker, retired business owner, and our cleaning expert. She decided to create Carpet Obsession as a way to give consumers an in-depth look at how the leading cleaning appliances really work, while educating them on the features that really matter.

Tired of wasting money on appliances that don’t work, we teamed up to help our site visitors find the products that deliver the cleaning power they need.

So, we’ve made it our mission to test the leading models on the market, to give our site visitors unbiased reviews of how each appliance really performs and whether or not each model offers the type of cleaning power the manufacturer claims it does.

Product Testers

Our team of product testers strive to give you the truth, while educating you on what features really matter based on appliance type, to show you how to choose a product that will make a difference in your home, whether you have pets, allergies, or you want a cleaning appliance that can really help you get a handle on the mess at home.

At Carpet Obsession, we’re here to help you keep a cleaner home.

What We Do

cleaning the rug

We perform extensive research on the latest and top-rated cleaning appliances on the market. We take a closer look at a manufacturer’s claims and put them to the test, to determine whether or not a product has what it takes to eliminate dirt, reduce allergens, and leave your floors looking good as new.

Be sure to visit us often to read our new buyer’s guides, product reviews, and our articles on fast and simple cleaning tips and hacks.

Our People

Candace E. Reid


Candice Reid is a retired business owner who owned and managed a major cleaning service for over twenty-five years. She’s also a homemaker, so she knows how challenging it can be to keep your home looking clean and smelling great, especially with kids and pets. She’s our editor and a frequent writer who does many of our product reviews on the best-selling appliances currently on the market.

Email: carpetobsession@gmail.com

James Wong

James R. Wong

Product Tester/Contributor

Working in the vacuum maintenance and repair field for over ten years, Wong is one of our leading product testers and buyer’s guide contributors. He also has a knack for choosing products that are powerful, reliable, and durable.


Karen Pugh

Karen H. Pugh

Cleaning Guru/Contributor 

Karen is a homemaker and buyer’s guide and article contributor who knows how frustrating it can be to invest in new appliances, only to have them not deliver the type of cleaning power manufacturers claim they do. She’s also our cleaning hack guru and knows exactly what to do to treat all types of stains, how to keep a home looking great even if you’re short on time, and she’s our go-to for the best cleaning hacks.


Jacqueline Edwards

Jacqueline M. Edwards

Product Tester/Cleaning Expert/Contributor

Jacqueline is a retired head housekeeper, product tester and cleaning expert who takes her job very seriously. Like many consumers, she was tired of investing in new cleaning appliances, only to have them quit on her in the middle of a job. Now, she reviews many of the best-selling carpet cleaners and vacuums to educate the public on what to look for in terms of features and cleaning power, based on consumer need.


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